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Alright we gunna keep this simple ; any answers you want & dont see it here , just inbox me & I will put it up afterwards ^_^ please and thank you ! ( :

1.) How old are you ? - im 13 

2.) Where you from ? - Bridgeport , CT. 

3.) Where’s your birth place ? - Boston .

4.) Are you mixed ? - yes ( :

5.) With what ? - lol Cuban & Haitian . <3 ^.^

6.) What school you go to ? - A school in Bridgeport lol 

7.) Are you single ? - yes .

8.) Ever been in a relationship ? - yes . 

9.) Do you have any siblings ? - yea , a few . 

10.) I LVEEE YUUU!! - i love you to lol  ( : <3

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Dear Love Ones,

I miss you guys. Each and everyone of you will always be in my heart. To my young man Kyle> You barely started your life only 7 & it was gone. I miss you baby boy, I miss your smile ( big ol ’ grin ), I miss your cheerful self, I miss riding bikes, going to my house & your cousins. Its hard here without knowing you not coming back. you know the day after you died I thought you was coming over, it felt like you wasn’t even gone. It was bright day, Friday afternoon after school & I was waiting for you at home, I was gonna go over Ashley House in a little to go see you & all. But then I remebered . . I cried a lot . I cried in school , I just cried. Your death date is coming up, I wonder how your mom will take it . Love you & R.I.P <3 .

To Uncle> I saw you a few times, When I went up North to Canada . I miss you, We don’t have a lot of memories, but i remember shopping , eating hanging out . watching TV dressing up in your big clothes. I Never cried at your funeral, maybe cause its been awhile since you died … I still got pictures Big Unc , even if you are my fathers uncle you are still mines & I miss you with all my heart . R.I.P BIG UNC <3 I MISS YOU .


Williama L. Donna 

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Dear Me,

Some things I can’t explain at all, some things I can’t put my fingers on things . I believe in things, I believe in myself. I pray for the unworthy, I pray for the worthy. I hold no grudges, I have no regrets in life. What I did in the past is what made me today, to not love me is fine. To not love yourself, is you. I’ve lost a few. A wise one couldn’t find an answer, so does that mean an answer does not exsist ? I will fine one, either on my own or with someone. There’s an answer for everything. Some will find it, some will not. But me , how come I can’t find these answers? I write a story, I find nothing but my pain and sorrow on a piece of paper, a computer screen, on my notebook back, my hands in the pain, salt water of tears, heaving chest pains, red eyes. I find nothing but these. You know, I fell in Love once. Something special, it felt good. I was to young though, but it was love I know it was I could feel it. But, he didn’t feel the same. So I was HEARTBROKEN & YOUNG . so revolting right ? . .  yea . But it made me learn more. I will always learn how to love, how to cherish memories, how to un-veal lies . I am a Leader , A Seeker , A guidance . It’s hard to guide others, give them answers, when I myself have not found any for myself . Such hard work, but success will come out of it. I PROMISE that, FOR I SHALL GUIDE MYSELF TO MY DESTINATION, MY FREEDOM.


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